Terms of Reference for the Stakeholder Committee (SC)

Revision: 29 November 2013


The Stakeholder Committee (SC) has an important role in linking the Joint Research Project (JRP) with the industry, Synchrotron Radiation (SR) and Free Electron Laser (FEL) centres and academia.

*Note: Such information may be used for additional work that may be taken into account in researcher mobility grants (RMG, REG, ESRMG) during life time of the project or recommendations for further projects.



SC members are supposed to bear their own travel costs therefore are not obliged to attend the meetings.



Membership is open to those who could share their experience and knowledge in angle metrology for the benefit of the JRP. SC member could be any body, from any organization, who can give contribution to the project with his/her experience and knowledge. Approval is done by the project partners of the SIB58 Angles.